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It’s easy!

As easy as shopping online. We accept credit cards or cryptocurrency (ETH, Matic)*


*Varies by artwork

It’s unique!

Every NFT is a unique, exclusive, and authenticated digital piece created by world-famous and talented creators.


Sign Up and Explore

It’s incredibly easy to start browsing the catalog to discover your favorite NFTs. See something you like? Registration is simple and takes minutes.

How to purchase?

See a collectible you love? You can easily learn more about the NFT and buy it directly using fiat currency or cryptocurrency. We currently accept payments via credit card or MetaMask.

How to check my NFTs

Purchases made with cryptocurrency will be sent to your designated address.**
When purchasing using fiat currency (USD), your collectibles will initially be stored on the platform’s My NFTs page. Show off your NFT collectibles via Twitter or a sharable link created from the page!

**Please verify that your target wallet supports the ECR-721 standard before attempting a purchase or transfer.

  • What is VIVE BYTES?
    VIVE BYTES is a B2C marketplace where you can discover and collect unique, novel, and curated creations. Our intuitive and user-friendly design makes it easy for anybody to find and collect creator-proofed crypto-collectibles and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) backed by blockchain technology.
  • About the NFTs on VIVE BYTES.
    At VIVE BYTES, you can find a selection of curated digital collectibles, buy the ones you love, and easily showcase your collection on our virtual storefront gallery. With a few simple clicks, you can share your collectibles with your social media audience or withdraw the NFT to a supported wallet.
  • What blockchain technology does VIVE BYTES use?
    VIVE Bytes issues NFTs on the Ethereum & Polygon (MATIC) networks. Each item listing will state which network that specific NFT is traded on as well as which NFT format the collectible is minted in. **Varies by artwork
  • What am I buying?
    You are purchasing a limited-edition, artist-verified digital collectible, in the form of an ERC-721 NFT hosted on the Ethereum or Polygon (MATIC) network**. Once the purchase is complete, you'll be granted a personal, non-commercial, non-exclusive, nontransferable, limited license to use, distribute, and display the creation for non-commercial purposes. Ownership of the NFT and its associate rights can later be sold on a secondary marketplace.
  • Where can I find my purchased items?
    When making a purchase using fiat currency (USD), your digital creation will initially reside on our platform until you withdraw it to your preferred wallet. You can easily view your NFT collection by navigating to your “My NFTs” page. When purchasing with cryptocurrency, the transaction is executed via smart contract and your collectible NFT will be automatically transferred to the address used to complete the transaction where it will reside. Please note that the MetaMask mobile application will allow you to see your NFTs in-app, but the browser extension does not currently support NFTs natively. The easiest way to verify ownership of a collectible is by referencing Etherscan. To import a VIVE BYTES NFT Token into your MetaMask account: 1. Click on “Import Token” and select “Custom Token”. 2. Copy and paste the NFT’s contract’s address into the correct field. Set the decimal of precision to 1. 3. Click “Add Custom Token”. The token will now be visible in your MetaMask UI.

VIVE BYTES partners with talented and renowned creators to offer you high-quality NFTs you won’t find anywhere else.  

Collecting NFTs on VIVE BYTES is as easy as shopping online - our platform is designed for everyone.

New to crypto? Empty wallet? No problem! We accept credit cards as well as cryptocurrency which enables anybody to begin their NFT collection.

VIVE BYTES partners with talented and renowned creators to offer you high-quality NFT collectibles you won’t find anywhere else. We accept credit cards in addition to cryptocurrency which enables anybody to begin their NFT collection easily.

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